Olimp Platinum Ginseng 60 kapsül (GC01903)

Brand : Olimp
Price : ₺79,00
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Olimp Platinum Ginseng 60 kapsül

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Olimp Platinum Ginseng 60 kapsül

What is Ginseng?

Helps regenerate the body. The origin of the product is a plant called Panax, which grows in the Far East and in some parts of the US.

  It is an auxiliary product in energy and power reinforcement. Helps increase sexual desire and testosterone levels.

Olimp Platinum Ginseng 60 capsules
  Nutritional Values

Korean Ginseng Extract 300mg
American Ginseng Extract 250mg
Barley Extract 50mg


Use: 1 capsule a day, 1 hour before training or any time.

Skt: 03/2020

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