Hardline Hipro Protein Tozu 908 gr (GC01966)

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Hardline Hipro Protein Tozu 908 gr


Hardline Hipro Protein Powder 908 gr

% 0 Carbohydrate 0% Lactose, 0% Sugar, 1% Oil, Don't get into the blood, Positive nitrogen balance, Protein synthesis, Muscle building, Growth factors 24 g protein at 25 g How does HIPRO show its effect? On the market, it is possible to find whey products of other brands that do not contain fat and carbohydrates, but none of them are HIPRO. Whey protein has many benefits in terms of health. It contains factors that prevent cancer formation, supports cardiovascular health, strengthens the immune system, helps reduce cholesterol level and hypertension. BIPRO is a first-class product for athletes and anyone interested in health, paying attention to their weight and wanting to create lean muscle mass. Mixed with a low-calorie liquid, taking a service 30-45 minutes before meals, gives a feeling of fullness and allows you to eat less. WHAT IS BIPRO HIPRO? Davisco firm that produces the patented GOLD STANDARD PROTEIN is known as the world's number one and only whey isolates are offered to you by Hardline Nutrition brand in Turkey. Hardline Nutrition Bipro formula is developed, 2 gr. L-Glutamine was renewed with 25% BCAA ratio and new name Hipro. It is presented as a purer protein source for athletes by separating all other whey products from the Hipro content. It has the highest protein content and lowest fat value. It is lactose-free, the highest quality protein support in the world. Due to the fact that the sugar type of lactose is zero, it mixes more quickly with whey protein concentrate products and other whey protein isolate products. It also does not contain any lactose and does not swell and is easy to drink. HIPRO HOW IS THE EFFECT? It is rich in essential amino acids that must be taken from outside, and is rich in L-Leucine, one of the most commonly used amino acids in the muscles, thus helping to maintain protein balance and muscle building. In Hipro, the percentage of BCAA is higher than in other products. Thanks to the additional BCAA, BCAA is provided to the muscles very quickly and the BCAAs from the isolated whey feed the muscles during the training. L-Glutamine, which is in free form and added to the HIPRO formula, provides both anabolic and anti-catabolic effect.  Hardline Hipro Isowhey, isowhey Hipro, which was taken before and during the training, shows its effect very quickly because it is used in high efficiency and fast mixing. HIPRO is such a pure product that there is no filler or thickener. Carbohydrate, sugar and lactose-free, in other words the amount of these substances in the product content is real zero. Due to the fact that the lactose value is zero, the blood mixture is extremely fast compared to other whey products. It has the lowest fat content (1%) in a whey protein. HIPRO is a bioactive whey protein isolate produced by ion-exchange method, which is an expensive method for obtaining a more pure product. A more pure product is obtained by the ion exchange method, while the risk of wheyin many valuable agents is lost. However, DAVISCO's leading manufacturing technology, which is a world giant and leader of the industry, does not create such a danger, but guarantees that all fractions of whey are protected in Hipro without being lost. This is always a question mark for the products of other brands that go to the product purchase with the ion-exchange method. It is possible to find whey products of other brands on the market, which are free of fat and carbohydrates, but none are HIPRO. No other whey product is essential and does not contain the BCAA amino acids as accurately as HIPRO. Leucine, which has a vital role in muscle mass formation, is present in high amounts in HIPRO. HIPRO, whey products, known in the blood, is the fastest involved whey. HIPRO is a first class product for athletes and everyone who cares about their health. USAGE One portion (1 full scale, 25 g) is mixed with a glass (150 ml.) Of water or low-fat milk, taken 30 minutes before the training and two times a day, just after the training.   Service Quantity: 25 gr (1 scale) Number of Services: 36 Nutritional Value for a Service% Daily Value * calories 98 Protein 24 g Carbohydrate 0 g Total Fat 0 g Amino Acid Ratio in 1 Portion Alanin 1123 mg ** Arginine 550 mg ** Aspartic Acid 2653 mg ** Cysteine ​​693 mg ** Glutamic Acid 3920 mg ** Glycine 382 mg ** Histidine 526 mg ** Isoleucine 1291 mg ** Leucine 2820 mg ** Lysine 2629 mg ** Methionine 550 mg ** Phenylalanine 837 mg ** Prolin 1052 mg ** Cool 645 mg ** Treonin 1052 mg ** Tryptophan 1052 mg ** Tyrosine 837 mg ** Valin 1195 mg ** * Daily values ​​calculated for a 2000 calorie diet. ** Daily values ​​are not specified. Contents: Ion-Exchange Whey Trace, Natural

Product Type
Protein Powder
Protein Oranı
Protein Çeşiti
500 gr - 1000 gr
Servis Sayısı
31 - 40
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