Big Joy Predator 510gr
Big Joy Predator 510gr

Big Joy Predator 510gr (GC01842)

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Big Joy Predator 510gr

Big Joy Predator 510gr


What is the Big Joy Predator? The Big Joy Predator is a Pre-Workout product with a formulation inspired by Dennis James's diet. The Big Joy Predator BCAA contains components for intense training athletes such as Arginine, Beta Alanine and Citrullin. Taurine is a naturally occurring amino acid derived from methionine and cystine. Guarana; It is a tropical plant species that contains small red berries, high doses of caffeine. Guarana is known for its high caffeine content. This is a special product from Dennis James:      - B3, B6 and B12 vitamins added - BCAA, Beta alanine, Citrullin complex formula consisting of 18 components - Rapid absorption in powder form - Aroma options 510 Gram   Service Quantity: 1 Scale (17 g) Number of Services: 30 1 Service% Daily Value *     4kcal 0% Energy     0.0g 0% Oil     0.0g 0% Protein      Vitamin Content     20.0mg 125% Vitamin B3     2.4mg 171% Vitamin B6     200mcg 8000% Vitamin B12     3,000mg ** BCAA     2,000mg ** leucine     500mg ** isoleucine     500mg ** the Governor     3,000mg ** Arginine (AKG)     2.800mg ** Beta Alanin     1.500mg ** Creatine Monohydrate     1,000mg ** the citrulline     800mg ** Taurine     210mg ** Caffeine     200mg ** tyrosine     50mg ** Guarana Extract (Paulina Cupana)     50mg ** Citrus Aurantium Extract     20.0mg ** Ginseng (Panax)     396mg Electrolyte Mixture     318mg 13% Sodium     59mg 3% Potassium     9mg 2% Magnesium     9mg 1% Calcium  Usage: Mix 1 item (17g) with 400 ml water and drink 30 minutes before workout.



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